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Satisfyer Yoni Power 1 Balls Training Set – White


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Satisfyer Yoni Power 1 Balls Training Set – White

With the Satisfyer Yoni Power 1, it only takes 15 minutes a day to train your pelvic floor muscles! The focus is entirely on the size of the balls: You start with the largest (3 cm, 74 g) and can slowly increase to the medium (2.5 cm, 46 g) to the smallest ball (2 cm, 22 g) – the better your pelvic floor is trained, the easier it will be for you to hold the ball with the smallest circumference.

Regular training can not only give you sensational climaxes, but also strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth or help you prevent bladder weakness. And your sweetheart will also love it, because your strengthened muscles will enclose his member more tightly during lovemaking, ensuring an especially pleasurable time.